The Atascosa Blind is available from ground level to 20’ tower models. Box sizes include; 5×5; 5×7; 5×9; 10×10 and any custom size a client requests. Our towers are built very stable with heavy duty angle iron construction and all staircases are built with two handrails for safety. The Atascosa paneling process uses the Valspar non-peeling/non-fading coated 26gauge Galvanized steel. Walls, floors and roof are insulated with 2″ heavy density foam for a superior insulation factor. No wood or fiberglass in our products, our blinds are built for the wild. Handmade in South Texas for over 15 years by hard working Texans!

The Atascosa Blind is designed to stand up to extreme weather such as high wind; extreme heat and sub-zero conditions. For those that wish to transport easily, trailer models are available. The Atascosa blind provides a safe secure and comfortable platform for observing wildlife. The Atascosa Blind is built and engineered to last a lifetime, this could possibly be the last blind you’ll ever buy...

5ft x 9ft



The Bushlan Outfitter blind by AWS-BLINDS was engineered with exterior pre-coat Valspar paint in the New Bushlan Camo pattern making the Outfitter blind disappear into the landscape. The Pre-coat process bakes, primers then paints the Galvanized metal to insure maximum paint adhesion and durability. This is the same process used on most metal buildings to insure many years of maintenance free durability. The large windows and walk thru door are of the same high quality products used on the Insulated AWS blinds. For the inside of the blind, carpet is used on the roof, walls and ceilings and floor. The Outfitter blind is comfortable and sound proof and built to last. The inside floor dimension is 56”x56” making the blind large enough for two large rolling chairs. The frame of the blind is constructed with heavy gauge tubing steel that will hold up to the toughest environments. We use no wood in the Outfitter blind to insure it will last, trouble free for many years. You can purchase the Outfitter Blind as a ground blind or with a 4 foot bolt together tower for 8’ viewing level. The Outfitter blind is priced much more reasonably than fiberglass and wooden blinds on the market making the Outfitter blind a better choice for durability, cost and performance.

5ft x 5ft

5ft x 7ft

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10ft x 10ft